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Today, we’re diving deep to OpenAI's latest moves that might just bring us closer to AGI, Apple's ambitious AI plans for iOS 18 and beyond, and a firsthand look at Google's new AI-powered Chromebooks.

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What happened: OpenAI has announced that it has started training a new flagship AI model to succeed it’s current model—GPT-4. The company also revealed the formation of a Safety and Security Committee to address the risks associated with the new model and future technologies.


  • The new AI model is expected to bring "the next level of capabilities" as the company works towards building artificial general intelligence (AGI).

  • The model will serve as the foundation for various AI products, including chatbots, digital assistants, search engines, and image generators.

  • The Safety and Security Committee will explore how to handle the risks posed by the new model and future technologies, aiming to develop policies and processes for safeguarding the technology.

  • The committee consists of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and board members Bret Taylor, Adam D'Angelo, and Nicole Seligman.

Seems like we’re going to have a taste of AGI soon!

What happened: A new report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has shed light on the AI-infused upgrades rumored to be heading to iOS 18 and macOS 15. The report outlines several new features that Apple is expected to unveil at the upcoming WWDC 2024 event on June 10.

Here are 9 AI-powered features that could be coming to iOS 18:

  1. Voice memo transcribing: AI-powered transcription of voice memos into text, possibly built into the Voice Memos app.

  2. Photo retouching: Generative AI editing tools for moving or erasing objects, or optimizing colors in the Photos app.

  3. Better searching: Faster and more reliable searches across iOS 18 and macOS 15.

  4. Automatic replies: Smart AI-generated response suggestions in the Apple Mail and Messages apps, which users can review and edit before sending.

  1. Safari improvements: Enhanced web search with AI, providing more relevant results and quick website summaries.

  2. A more natural Siri: Easier-to-talk-to Siri with better responses.

  3. AI-generated emojis: Instant custom emoji suggestions based on what the user is typing.

  4. Smart summaries: AI-powered summaries for emails, webpages, messages, notifications, and more, to save reading time.

  5. Home screen customizations: Ability to arrange app shortcuts in any way and change their colors to match a theme (not strictly AI-related).

And… There are rumors that Apple's going to partner with OpenAI to offer ChatGPT on the iPhone. Apple is also in talks with Google to potentially offer Gemini as another AI chatbot option in the future.

What happened: Google has launched a new lineup of Chromebook Plus starting at $350 USD that come with built-in Google AI features.

Features include:

  • Help me write: Provides AI-generated text suggestions and tone adjustments when writing in various contexts, such as websites, PDF forms, or web apps.

  • Generative AI wallpapers and video call backgrounds: Allows users to create custom backgrounds using AI-generated imagery, suitable for various moods and settings.

  • Magic Editor in Google Photos: Enables users to easily edit photos by selecting, repositioning, or resizing objects, as well as applying contextual suggestions for lighting and background improvements.

  • Gemini integration: Offers direct access to Gemini from the Chromebook Plus home screen for brainstorming, planning, and learning.

What do you think of these cool new features?


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How global organizations are applying AI in tangible ways and seeing results.

1. 🚀 Streamlining content creation

Source: Business Insider

Move: Liverpool Football Club has partnered with Wasabi Technologies to implement an AI-powered system that helps their digital team efficiently manage and utilize vast amounts of video footage.

This technology quickly creates and distributes social media content, streamlining the entire process.

Action: Explore AI tools that can help you manage and automate large volumes of digital content for your business to save more time and work effectively.

2. 🎯 Cost-Efficient Marketing

Move: Klarna, a financial services company, is using AI to reduce their marketing expenses, saving them about $10 million annually!

Action: Want to achieve the same? Start embracing AI in your business and achieve major cost reductions and operational improvements in your marketing strategies.

3. 🌟 Streamlining operations

Move: Air France is leveraging AI across its various business activities including predictive maintenance, chatbots, optimizing in-flight resources, and eco-piloting systems to reduce fuel consumption.

Action: Implement AI tools to streamline your operations and cut costs. Start with areas like maintenance and resource management for immediate benefits.


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