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Siri gets smarter, KLING amazes, and WhatsApp means business

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It's been an exciting week, and I’ve got some juicy updates for you!

Apple has finally taken a big bite out of the AI pie with their new "Apple Intelligence" strategy.

Meanwhile, a mind-blowing AI video tool from China is giving OpenAI's Sora a run for its money, and something's up with Whatsapp?

Let’s dive in! 👇

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What happened: Apple has officially announced at their much-awaited WWDC 2024 its new AI strategy called "Apple Intelligence," featuring new AI features and capabilities for the iPhone, Mac, and other devices.

‘Apple Intelligence’ includes the following key features:

Enhanced Siri capabilities:

  • Carry out actions between apps and manage notifications

  • Automatically write content and summarize text in mail and other apps

  • "Onscreen awareness" to understand and act on user requests in both Apple and third-party apps

  • Support for typed input, not just voice commands

Privacy and security:

  • Many features work on-device when possible

  • "Private Cloud Compute" using Apple Silicon servers for more complex requests

  • No storage or access to user data on Apple's servers

  • Independent expert code inspection for verification

Image generation and manipulation:

  • "Genmoji" for creating custom, AI-generated emoji-like reactions

  • "Image Playground" for generating images within apps and as a standalone app

  • Improved object search and person removal in the Photos app

OpenAI integration:

  • ChatGPT, powered by GPT-4o, available as a fallback when Siri can't handle a request

  • User permission required before sending questions, documents, or photos to ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT integration in systemwide AI writing tools and image generation

  • Support for paid ChatGPT features for subscribers

Note: These features will be available on iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max, and iPads or Macs with M1 or later chips, with the device language set to English. The rollout will begin in the fall with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia.

Seems like the company, once hesitant to use the term "artificial intelligence," is now catching up with competitors like Google and Microsoft. 👀

What happened: A new AI video generation tool called Kling, developed by Chinese tech giant Kuaishou, is making waves in the AI community. Demo videos released by Kuaishou showcase Kling's superior quality compared to Runway and Pika, with some generations even surpassing OpenAI's Sora in terms of realism and consistency.

Kling boasts a range of advanced features:

  • It can create videos up to two minutes long in 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second.

  • Realistic movements and limb positions based on a single, full-body picture, avoiding issues like extra or impossibly bent limbs that plague other AI video generators.

  • Accurately interpret prompts and create sequences of shots with multiple views, resulting in more dynamic and complex video outputs.

  • Similar to Sora, Kling demonstrates a better understanding of real-world physics, enabling more accurate simulations of physical interactions between objects in the generated videos.

FYI: Kling is currently available as a public demo in China through a waitlist. The Kling website is in Mandarin and requires a Chinese phone number for registration. To join the waitlist, download the Kwaicut app and follow the steps on the official Kling-AI website.

What happened: Meta has announced the addition of AI-powered features to the WhatsApp Business app, aimed at helping businesses improve their customer interactions.

The new tools include:

  • AI-generated responses to frequent customer messages

  • AI-powered customer support

  • Click-to-WhatsApp ads for Facebook and Instagram.

  • WhatsApp Ads Manager will now suggest appropriate audiences for receiving messages beyond order updates, enabling businesses to better target their marketing efforts.

Meta is offering these AI tools at no cost to businesses.

Note: Meta is currently testing these features with select merchants in India and Singapore, with plans to expand to Brazil soon. The company also plans to clearly denote AI-generated messages so customers know they are not talking to a human representative.


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How global organizations are applying AI in tangible ways and seeing results.

1. 🚗 Optimizing Delivery Efficiency

Move: Domino's is leveraging AI technology to start making pizzas even before customers place their orders. The AI algorithm detects when a customer is likely ready to order based on their online activity and initiates the pizza-making process.

This helps delivery drivers by having pizzas ready to be picked up as they arrive, reducing the time spent looking for parking spots and increasing delivery speed.

Action: Implement AI solutions to optimize your delivery or logistics operations, ensuring products are ready for dispatch promptly, thus improving overall delivery times and customer satisfaction.

2. 🧲 Discovering Rare Materials

Move: The UK-based startup Materials Nexus has utilized AI to discover a new type of rare-earth-free magnet called MagNex that can be used for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and can be produced at a lower cost with fewer carbon emissions compared to traditional rare-earth magnets.

Action: Leverage AI to explore and identify alternative materials that can replace scarce or environmentally harmful components in your products, helping you reduce costs and environmental impact.

3. ⏱️ Accelerating Antibiotic Discovery

Move: Researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania utilized AI and machine learning to mine genomic data for potential antibiotics, discovering nearly one million antibiotic compounds with dozens showing promising activity against disease-causing bacteria.

Action: For those in the medical field, utilizing AI and machine learning in research can dramatically speed up the discovery of new compounds, improving efficiency and expanding potential therapeutic options.


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