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We've got a jam-packed issue for you today, covering everything from a next-gen humanoid robot that's changing the game to Amazon's new AI sidekick promising productivity boosts and Yelp's AI revolution for local businesses.

But that's not all! We're also diving into real-world examples of how global organizations are putting AI to work and seeing tangible results.

Plus, we've handpicked some incredible AI tools and resources to help supercharge your business.

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What happened:  Sanctuary AI, a Canadian robotics company, has introduced the 7th generation of its Phoenix humanoid robot line with enhanced capabilities and cost-efficiency.

The new Phoenix robot boasts several advancements focused on human-like dexterity and rapid task learning like:

  • Refined upper body and arm movements for precision tasks like product sorting

  • Ability to automate new tasks in under 24 hours through AI/ML

  • Improved robustness with increased uptime and range of motion

  • Lighter weight and lower cost of materials compared to previous generations

While Sanctuary AI may not have the brand recognition of Boston Dynamics or Agility Robotics, it has been deploying earlier Phoenix models in real-world settings.

Apply it: For industries like manufacturing and logistics, Phoenix's ability to learn diverse tasks quickly could enable more adaptable and efficient automation alongside human workers.

What happened: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of Amazon Q, a generative AI-powered assistant designed to accelerate software development and leverage enterprise data.

Amazon Q offers a suite of capabilities tailored for developers and businesses:

  • Amazon Q Developer: Aims to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and increase productivity.

  • Amazon Q Business: Can answer questions, summarize data, analyze trends, and generate content.

  • Amazon Q Apps: Allows employees to build custom generative AI apps from company data using natural language, without coding.

  • Amazon Q in QuickSight: Enables creating dashboards, visualizations, and calculations using natural language.

AWS claims early customer results show Amazon Q could boost employee productivity by over 80%.🤯

How it might impact you: This offers a way to maximize the value of your enterprise data by making insights more accessible to all employees, driving better decision-making.

What happened: Yelp has announced a new AI-powered assistant and API as part of its Spring Release to revolutionize how consumers find and engage with local service professionals and businesses.

The key AI-driven updates include:

  • A conversational AI feature that guides users through finding the right service professional for their needs. Users can ask complex queries and receive contextual responses with business details.

  • Yelp Fusion AI API that allows third-party partners to integrate Yelp's local business content into their platforms.

  • Personalized recommendations to inspire users' next home upgrades and connects them with relevant service pros for quotes.

  • And some business inbox enhancements to help businesses quickly respond to leads and stay organized with features like saved replies and location tags.


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How global organizations are applying AI in tangible ways and seeing results.

1. 🍌 AI-Powered Produce Management

Move: Walmart is implementing an in-store AI system to help employees manage perishable items more effectively, such as advising when bananas are ripe or when clothing should be put on sale to minimize waste.

Action: Consider how AI could streamline inventory management in your business, allowing for real-time adjustments based on product condition or sales data to reduce waste and increase profitability.

2. 📞 Healthcare Administration & Efficiency

Move: Standard Practice utilizes AI to automate outbound calls for medical practices, handling tasks like insurance authorizations and pharmacy checks efficiently without human intervention.

Action: Reflect on how automating routine tasks could transform efficiency in your own organization, potentially freeing up resources for more critical, value-added activities.

3. 📈 Accelerating Sales Through AI

Move: Prados Beauty, led by Cece Meadows, capitalized on AI education programs offered by Google, gaining insights that propelled their business strategy forward.

Action: Identify and engage in AI educational opportunities that can provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI effectively.


(Our Top 5 Weekly AI Picks)

AI Tools to Supercharge Your Business

  • Paddle Boat: Perfect your sales pitch with realistic AI roleplays.

  • Intellecta: Instantly responds to customers via chat, social media, or email – in any language.

  • Vibecheck: Let AI find you the best products in the market.

  • Truva: Onboard and retain customers with AI agents.

  • Minard: Beautiful charts with natural language.


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