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Why GPT-4 Is Just the Start – Wait Till You See GPT-6 and Beyond!

Are we going to see AGI sooner than we expect?

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Today, we dive into OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's bold predictions about the future of AI, explore Anthropic's new enterprise offerings and iOS app, and discover how Nvidia is expanding its ChatRTX chatbot with powerful new features.

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What happened: During a Q&A session at Stanford University, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman made bold statements about the future of AI, calling GPT-4 the "dumbest model" users will ever interact with and hinting at the rapid advancements in upcoming models.

Some key takeaways from Altman's talk:

  • GPT-4 will soon be considered relatively unsophisticated as much more capable AI systems emerge

  • GPT-5 is expected to be significantly smarter than GPT-4

  • Altman predicts GPT-6 will further surpass GPT-5's intelligence

  • OpenAI is on a steep upward trajectory in terms of model capabilities

  • Altman is willing to spend up to $50 billion per year on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research

For users, it suggests that today's cutting-edge chatbots like ChatGPT will quickly feel outdated as next-gen models push the boundaries of machine intelligence—AGI will soon be in bloom!

What happened: Anthropic, the AI startup behind Claude chatbot, has announced its first enterprise plan called "Team" and a free iPhone app to compete with OpenAI's offerings.

The key features of Anthropic's new releases include:

  • Team plan: Targeted at businesses, it offers access to all three latest Claude models (Opus, Sonnet, Haiku), increased usage limits, admin tools, and longer context windows for processing documents. Priced at $30/user/month.

  • iOS app: Free for all users, it enables syncing with web chats and uploading photos/files from smartphones. Android app is in the works.

Anthropic claims its latest models outperform GPT-4 and Google's Gemini Ultra on various benchmarks. Opus can summarize up to 150,000 words.

Current enterprise clients testing Claude include Pfizer, Asana, Zoom, Bridgewater Associates among others.

What happened: Nvidia is updating its experimental ChatRTX chatbot with support for more AI models, voice queries, and image search capabilities for RTX GPU owners.

The key updates include:

  • Support for Google's Gemma model, designed to run efficiently on powerful PCs

  • Integration of ChatGLM3, an open bilingual (English/Chinese) large language model

  • Addition of OpenAI's CLIP model for searching and interacting with local photo data

  • Voice query functionality using Whisper, an AI speech recognition system

  • Ability to choose between different models based on the data being analyzed

ChatRTX runs locally on Windows PCs with RTX 30/40-series GPUs (8GB+ VRAM). It creates a chatbot server accessible via browser, allowing users to feed personal documents, YouTube videos, and now photos for powerful search and summarization.

For enterprises, this could be a streamlined way to harness various cutting-edge AI models for personalized, local data search and analysis.


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