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This week, we're covering Google's latest efforts to improve its AI Overviews feature, the fierce competition among tech giants Nvidia, AMD, and Intel with their next-generation AI chips, an exciting new tool from ElevenLabs that lets your text be heard and more…

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What happened: Google has announced adjustments to its AI Overviews feature, introduced last month, after users reported receiving "odd and erroneous" responses to their search queries.

Reported issues:

  • Reports of inaccurate and unreliable information, with some users receiving dangerous or misleading responses.

  • "Hallucinations" in AI-generated content.

  • Potential effect on websites like reduced visitors and ad revenue due to AI-generated content prioritization over traditional search results.

Improvements made by Google:

  • Limiting the inclusion of user-generated content and satirical or humorous webpages in the data used to create AI Overviews.

  • Enhancing quality protections for health-related content.

  • Refinements to avoid showing AI Overviews for hard news topics where freshness and factuality are crucial.

💡AI Overviews is powered by Google’s Gemini and are designed to provide users with a quick overview of a topic and links to learn more.

What happened: Tech giants Nvidia, AMD, and Intel have separately launched their next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) chips in Taiwan, as the three-way race for dominance in the AI semiconductor market heats up.


  • Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang unveiled the Rubin AI chip platform for 2026, featuring new GPUs, a CPU named Vera, and advanced networking chips, with plans for annual semiconductor releases.

  • AMD CEO Lisa Su introduced new AI processors and a roadmap for MI325X (2024), MI350 (2025), and MI400 (2026).

  • Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger also announced the sixth-gen Xeon chips for data centers and the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator, claiming it's one-third cheaper than rivals like Nvidia's H100.

What happened: ElevenLabs, known for its AI-generated human voices and music, has launched a new tool called Sound Effects, which allows users to create sound effects for podcasts, movies, or games using text prompts.

The Sound Effects tool offers the following features:

  1. Generates up to 22 seconds of sounds based on user prompts.

  2. Provides at least four downloadable audio clip options for each prompt.

  3. Integrates with ElevenLabs' existing voice and music platform

  4. Utilizes a library of audio clips from Shutterstock to train the AI model.

  5. Offers free and paid tiers, with paid users able to use the generated audio clips with commercial licenses.

  6. Consumes character count from users' monthly allotment based on the duration of the audio clip.

What do you think of this cool new feature?


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How global organizations are applying AI in tangible ways and seeing results.

1. 💸 Streamlining workflow

Move: TD Bank is using AI to streamline certain aspects of its mortgage and term-life insurance application process, in order to reduce processing times for customers.

Action: Learn how AI can be integrated into your customer service and workflows to streamline operations and improve response times.

2. 🛡️ Supporting Vulnerable Customers

Move: St James’s Place, a wealth management firm, is employing AI technology to identify and support its vulnerable customers.

Action: Consider implementing AI systems in business services to detect and assist customers who may be in vulnerable situations, ensuring they receive the necessary support and care.

3. 📦 Improving Quality Control

Move: Amazon is utilizing an AI-driven system called "Project P.I." to detect damaged goods before they are shipped to customers.

The AI uses computer vision to assess the physical condition of packages and flags any items that appear damaged.

Action: Implement AI-driven quality control systems in your supply chain to identify and address damaged products before they reach your customers to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce possible returns.


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AI Tools to Supercharge Your Business

  • Underlord by Descript: An AI video editor that works like docs and slides.

  • Doly: Generate outstanding 3D product videos with speed and ease.

  • Perplexity Pages: Turn your research into shareable articles with AI.

  • Layerpath: Create interactive product demos in minutes with AI.

  • Eververse: Build your product roadmap at lightspeed using AI.

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