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Jingles That Stick & Voices That Talk, No Talent Required!

Laugh, create, and innovate with AI.

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Want to create a jingle for your business? This app is awfully addictive, lol. Suno.ai lets you create customized songs with a click of a button.

It’s actually funny. You can create any song from any topic or genre—ANYTHING!

And honestly, it's even better than mainstream music.

A taste of an original, unique, and Grammy-worthy piece! (definitely better than Stable Audio 2.0 of stability.ai)

Pair this with Noisee AI, and you get yourself a whole music video promotion without the need for a voice artist or music production!

Speaking of music and voices…

Open AI just announced it’s voice cloning tool called Voice Engine, which can create a synthetic voice based on a 15-second clip of someone's voice.

It can read out text prompts in the same language as the speaker or in other languages. 🤯

OpenAI is offering limited access to Voice Engine to companies such as Age of Learning, HeyGen, Dimagi, Livox, and Lifespan, which are using it for various purposes, including generating pre-scripted voice-over content and reading out personalized responses to students.

The model has been in development since late 2022 and powers the Read Aloud feature in ChatGPT.

📢 In case you missed this…

The full 3-day event recordings of our recently concluded AI For Business is now available for a limited-time offer.

This is your chance to access the invaluable insights and strategies shared during the event anytime, anywhere, at your own convenience.


Anyone can now start using ChatGPT instantly without signing up!

According to OpenAI, they’ve made this move to make ChatGPT more accessible for those curious about AI's capabilities but hesitant to use the platform due to privacy and data concerns.

Although user inputs may be used to improve models, OpenAI emphasizes that users have the option to opt out of this in settings.

Plus, additional content safeguards have also been added for this experience, such as blocking prompts and generations in a wider range of categories.

But still, of course, creating an account has its perks, like chat history, sharing, and other extra features. 😉 


GPT-4 has always been at the top since the leaderboard started.

Well, until now that is 👀 

Chatbot Arena lets users chat with two anonymous AI chatbots and pick which one produces better outputs. So they don’t know what they’re using.

The platform aggregates the choices from its thousands of users to rank the best LLMs on a leaderboard that updates over time.


Meet VenturusAI, a platform that can help turn your business ideas into reality by providing comprehensive feedback and business analysis, like SWOT, PESTEL, and Porter's Five Forces assessments, to evaluate the viability and potential challenges of your business idea like an MVP!

And not just that, it also gives valuable insights into your target audience, complete with user stories and demographic data, to help you create viable products or services that resonate with your desired customer base.


How global organizations are applying AI in tangible ways and seeing results.

1. 🌟 Creating interactive customer experience

Move: Ikea has developed a ChatGPT-powered AI assistant that provides personalized design suggestions that enables users to visualize and design their living spaces in a mixed-reality environment.

Action: Like Ikea, you can explore using AI assistants and visualization tools to make your customer experience more interactive and personalized.

2. 💡Using AI to engage dynamic audience

Move: Toys"R"Us is leveraging OpenAI's Sora AI technology to enhance audience engagement and revive its iconic Geoffrey the Giraffe mascot through innovative storytelling and content creation powered by AI tools like DALL-E.

Action: Brands can explore AI's potential in ideation, visualization, and content creation to modernize their storytelling approaches, while finding the right balance between factual accuracy and creative fantasy.

3. 🛡️ Combatting deepfakes

Move: WME partners with AI firm Loti to proactively detect and remove unauthorized deepfakes and misuse of celebrity clients' likenesses online, combating the rising threat posed by generative AI's ability to create highly realistic fake content.

Action: Similar to WME, entertainment companies can leverage AI technologies to protect intellectual property and client privacy from emerging deepfake threats enabled by advanced generative models.


(Our Top 5 Weekly AI Picks)

AI Tools for Modern Businesses

  • Viggle AI: The first video-3d foundation model that allow you to make any character move as you want.

  • Higgsfield AI: Create natural looking and moving humans, as well as granular control over motion.

  • Astra: An executive assistant for your email inbox.

  • IntelSwift: AI that makes customer support effective.

  • DataMotto: Preprocess, clean, enrich and make your data ready with AI.


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