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Microsoft is leading the charge with their new lineup of AI-powered PCs, complete with offline capabilities and the groundbreaking 'Recall' feature.

Meanwhile, Apple is making waves with their upcoming accessibility features, proving that AI can truly enhance the lives of all users.

But the real magic happens when businesses start harnessing AI's potential…

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What happened: Microsoft has introduced a new lineup of AI-ready PCs, including Surface devices and models from other manufacturers, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips and adhering to the Copilot+ standard.

What to expect:

  • Copilot+ PCs will start at $999. Microsoft is accepting pre-orders as of Monday, and the devices will become available in June.

  • AI capabilities include audio translation, message response recommendations, and image generation from text or drawings

  • Microsoft's Surface Laptop and Surface Pro tablet featuring Qualcomm chips can run AI tasks offline

  • A ‘Recall’ feature that will enable users to travel back to a log of previous actions on their PC (check if your device meet the requirements for this feature).

  • PCs with AMD and Intel chips that adhere to the Copilot+ standard will be available at a later date

Other manufacturers, such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, and Samsung, are also launching AI-ready PCs.

What happened: Apple has announced a suite of new accessibility features coming later this year, designed to enhance the user experience for people with disabilities.

The new accessibility features include:

  • Eye Tracking: Control iPad/iPhone using only eyes, no extra hardware needed.

  • Music Haptics: Deaf/hard of hearing users feel music via iPhone's Taptic Engine.

  • Vocal Shortcuts: Assign custom phrases for Siri to launch shortcuts.

  • Listen for Atypical Speech: Better speech recognition for users with speech-affecting conditions.

  • Vehicle Motion Cues: Animated dots reduce passenger motion sickness.

  • CarPlay: New features like Voice Control, Color Filters, and Sound Recognition.

  • visionOS: Live Captions, hearing device support, visual options like Reduce Transparency, Smart Invert.

Source: Microsoft

What happened: Microsoft Build, the company's flagship event for developers, kicked off with a series of announcements.

Here’s the gist:

  • GitHub Copilot Extensions: Customizable GitHub Copilot experiences with preferred services like Azure, Docker, and Sentry.

  • New Frontier Models in Azure AI: Introduction of GPT-4o and Phi-3-vision models offering multimodal capabilities for processing text, images, and audio.

  • Microsoft and Khan Academy Partnership: Collaboration to provide free access to AI-powered teaching assistant Khanmigo and enhance math tutoring opportunities.

  • Partnership with Cognition AI: Integration of Cognition's autonomous AI software agent, Devin, for complex tasks such as code migration and modernization.

  • New Virtual Machines: Launch of Azure ND MI300X v5 series optimized for AI and HPC workloads, and Cobalt 100 Arm-based VMs with up to 40% improved performance.

  • Introduction of Team Copilot, expansion of Copilot for Microsoft 365, and new agent capabilities in Microsoft Copilot Studio.


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How global organizations are applying AI in tangible ways and seeing results.

1. 🕵️‍♂️ AI-Driven Authentication

Source: The RealReal

Move: The RealReal is utilizing AI technology to detect counterfeit items by analyzing various factors such as material, stitching, and logos, significantly enhancing their ability to authenticate luxury goods accurately.

Action: Explore how AI can be integrated into your authentication processes to improve accuracy and efficiency, ensuring the integrity of your product offerings and building greater trust with your customers.

2. 🛡️ AI-Powered Theft Prevention

Move: Redner's Markets, a Pennsylvania-based grocery store chain, has implemented AI technology to prevent shoplifting by flagging suspicious transactions at self-checkout lines.

The system can predict when and where potential thefts might occur, helping store agents catch shoplifters in the act.

Action: Evaluate how AI solutions can enhance theft prevention strategies in your business. By implementing such technologies, you can reduce losses due to theft and maintain lower prices for your customers.

3. 🌱 AI-Driven Innovations

Move: NotCo, a food technology company, is utilizing AI to create innovative plant-based food products. The AI discovers unlikely ingredient pairings that, when processed correctly, can mimic the taste and texture of animal-based foods.

Action: For those in the food tech industry, explore how AI can be leveraged in your food product development to lead to more sustainable and appealing alternatives to traditional animal-based products.


(Our Top 5 Weekly AI Picks)

AI Tools to Supercharge Your Business

  • Shuffll: Make pro-looking B2B marketing videos in minutes.

  • Osum: Supercharge your market research in seconds with AI.

  • Ideogram: Create a unique, copyright-free brand logo from scratch using AI.

  • ElevenLabs Dubbing API: Add audio or video translation to your product.

  • Formshare: Create rich forms by just describing them.


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