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There’s a lot of crazy things happening!

And I honestly don’t know how to feel, especially knowing that this is just the start of great things to come!

There was a lot of AI development this month, and there’s probably more promising innovations April is expected to bring.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited!

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Paralyzed to Telekinetic: Guy Just Went Full Jedi With Musk's AI Brain Chip 🤖

Update: Remember the 29-year-old who is paralyzed below the shoulders due to a diving accident and the first one to be implanted the Neuralink’s brain-chip? Well, guess what, he’s now playing chess and doing checkmate like Magnus all by his thoughts alone!

Arbaugh (paralyzed guy) also said that he played Civilization VI for eight hours straight, a feat he thought he would never able to do again.

However, some experts have stated that while the development is positive for the patient, it is not considered a breakthrough, noting that it is still early days for the technology.

What this breakthrough could mean: This could open up new market opportunities that can potentially revolutionize how individuals with paralysis or other mobility impairments could restore their well-being with the help of AI.

AI Would Always Make you Question -- Which is Real, Which is Not? 🤔

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The buzz: Have you seen this video circulating on the internet recently? At first glance, this is just a normal video of a woman talking about a particular product and kinda promoting it, but guess what? It’s actually AI-generated.

Crazy shocking, isn’t it? This UGC was created through the power of Arcads.ai, a tool that allows you to create winning ads and marketing content using AI actors.

A new way to help you save costs and level up your business marketing game—definitely a must try!

P.S. The person on the video is real; the video was indeed generated by AI by this service that licensed her appearance and trained an AI model to generate such videos.

Speaking of HeyGen…

Lights, Camera, AI Avatar Action! 🎬

Scoop: This is the "Avatar in Motion 1.0" of HeyGen, a new technology that enables avatars to flawlessly track, translate, and lip-sync videos with any input text though capturing subtle gestures, hand movements, and unique tones of voice to create more lifelike and expressive virtual representations.

How you can take advantage of it: Simple, like I always say, apply it to your business. Scale scale scale... 💸

Try and demo this technology by clicking here or at the button below!

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  • MarketMuse: create content plans quickly with page-level, site-level and SERP insights at your fingertips.

  • Delphi.ai: Best ai for cloning yourself, used by Brian Tracy and other big names.

  • Phrasee: Generate subject lines, body text, and other elements of email marketing campaigns that boost engagement rates.

  • JustCall: Utilize AI to analyze customer calls for sentiment, emotions, keywords, and patterns, focusing on actionable insights.

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