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Watch How AI Turns Wildest Dreams and Fantasy into Reality!

A dream machine, humanoid robot and symphony

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Ever wondered if AI can turn dreams into reality? Well, a new Dream Machine is making it happen…

And… humanoid robots with eerily realistic facial expressions that smile and stick out their tongues?

Let’s find out…👇

Read time: 3.5 minutes


What happened: Luma Labs, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence startup, has launched Dream Machine, a free, open text-to-video model that is being compared to OpenAI's Sora.

The tool allows users to generate realistic AI-powered videos from text prompts and is already garnering attention from the public.….yes, from the public!

It is readily available for users to try out—guess that makes it better than Sora for now… 👀

Dream Machine offers several impressive features and capabilities:

  • It can generate 120 frames in just 2 minutes, making it a relatively fast and efficient tool for video creation.

  • One of the most challenging aspects of video generation is maintaining consistent characters and accurate physics, which Dream Machine handles remarkably well.

  • Early users report that Dream Machine can faithfully render specified objects, characters, actions, and environments while maintaining fluid motion and coherent storytelling.

Luma Labs plans to release a developer-friendly API in the coming months, making the tool more accessible and customizable for a wider range of applications.

💡 To try Dream Machine, you can sign in with a personal Google account on the Luma Labs website. However, due to high traffic, the daily video generation limit is currently set at 5 per user, and outputs may take some time to generate.

What happened: Ex-Robots, a Chinese company based in Dalian, is developing humanoid robots with a focus on enhancing facial expressions and emotions.

The company's engineers are working on improving the robots' ability to recognize and express emotions using proprietary software and algorithms.

What we know so far:

  • Ex-Robots' humanoid robots can mimic human facial expressions, such as smiling and sticking out the tongue.

  • It takes Ex-Robots between two weeks and a month to produce a single humanoid robot, with prices ranging from 1.5 million yuan ($207,000) to 2 million yuan.

  • The main purpose of Ex-Robots' humanoid robots so far is for display in museums, with one housed in the same building as the company's factory.

  • Ex-Robots' CEO, Li Boyang, believes that humanoid robots will have a bigger role to play in the healthcare and education industries, such as providing psychological counseling, auxiliary treatment, and emotional interaction for children.

The company said that it is working on a foundation model that enables the AI humanoid robot to perceive the surrounding environment and produce appropriate facial feedback.

In cased you missed: It was just about two weeks since an AI company from China introduced their AI video generation tool, Kling, which is also on another level. Seems like China is about to shock the world with more AI developments soon! Competitors, watch out.👀

What happened: TikTok is expanding its Symphony generative AI ad suite with new tools that allow brands and creators to create customizable digital avatars and dub content into multiple languages.

These features are designed to help organizations and content creators grow their global audiences by breaking down language barriers and adding a human touch to their marketing content.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Symphony Digital Avatars

  • Stock avatars: Based on paid actors from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and languages, available for commercial use.

  • Custom avatars: Created to resemble specific creators or brand spokespersons, capable of speaking multiple languages.

Note: Videos using these avatars will be labeled as "AI-generated."

2. Symphony AI Dubbing:

  • A global translation tool that enables creators and marketers to dub their content into over 10 languages and dialects, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Korean.

  • Automatically detects the spoken language in videos and transcribes, translates, and produces a dubbed video in the selected language.

According to TikTok's global head of content strategy and operations, Adrienne Lahens, the technology is convincing enough, although the avatar's movements may appear slightly uncanny.


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How global organizations are applying AI in tangible ways and seeing results.

1. 💡 Utilizing Important Data

Move: Ecolab, a water-management company, integrates generative AI with historical data from its 100-year history to optimize water use and provide faster, more effective recommendations to clients.

Action: Use AI to analyze and leverage historical data within your organization, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your solutions by drawing on past insights and experiences.

2. 📈 Enhancing Infrastructure Management

Move: Startup SewerAI is using AI to spot defects in sewer pipes and sewage treatment systems, revolutionizing how underground infrastructure inspection and management is conducted.

Action: Incorporate AI technologies to to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of detecting infrastructure issues in your industry, enabling timely maintenance and reducing downtime.

3. 🏌️‍♀️ Enhancing Performance

Move: KPMG, in partnership with the PGA of America, integrates AI and cutting-edge technology to capture shot data for every stroke at the KPMG PGA Women's Championship. This provides players with detailed analytics to improve their game.

Action: Implement AI-driven analytics in your business and other related performance-driven activities to gather actionable insights to enhance efficiency and performance.

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